What to Look for When Buying a SUP

Whether you want a full-body exercise or a leisurely day on the water, knowing what to look for when buying a paddleboard is essential.

Finding the right stand-up paddleboard is a great way to get started with the sport.

Boards are available in a wide range of sizes, widths, thicknesses, and constructions. Few are made for flat water, while others are made for waves, and still, others can handle both.


Consider two factors before deciding on the type of paddleboard you want: weight and width. The weight capacity of most boards is listed so you know how much they can carry. The breadth of the board is another aspect that affects stability. The more sturdy the board is, the wider it is, and a narrower board usually indicates it can produce more speed.


Now you have to decide what kind of paddling experience you want. Depending on your favorite pastime, you can choose from various board styles.

All-Around Paddleboards: An all-around paddleboard is the best choice for most novices. This is an excellent alternative for relaxing outings or workout sessions on flat water. These boards can also surf small to medium waves in the ocean.

Surf-Style Paddleboards: These paddleboards are often shorter in length and built to navigate well by slicing into ocean waves.

Paddleboards for cruising or touring: Looking to go on long flat-water treks? Long paddleboards with cargo space are known as touring paddleboards.

Yoga Paddleboards: This is the best option for yogis since they have large deck pads that help with stability and grip as you go through various yoga positions.

Paddleboards for Fishing: Paddleboards for fishing are wider and more stable, allowing you to carry all of your fishing gear.

Paddleboards designed for racing are long, light, and narrow to aid speed in any water condition.

Paddleboards that inflate: These are an excellent solution for folks who don’t have a lot of space. They are available in various sizes and varieties, depending on the activity, and are simple to travel and store. There will be an inflatable board for you whether you want to race or relax on the water. They are also long-lasting. A collision with an item may be less destructive on an inflatable board than on a hardboard.

Warning: after you’ve tried paddleboarding, you’ll want to be on the water. You might want to purchase numerous boards for different activities.