Surfboard paddling technique

It enables us to reach the summit, shift around for a better position, triangulate, and catch waves. Make no mistake: the more you practice paddling your surfboard, the better surfer you will become. When paddling a surfboard to catch a wave, the ultimate goal is to equal the wave’s pace. Another way, the goal is […]

What is the Best Kayak for You?

Buying a kayak is thrilling, but it may be a lengthy process. This buying guide breaks down all of the important characteristics to think about. Owning your kayak might be a thrilling prospect. However, several options can be daunting. Consider how you’ll use the kayak, such as where you’ll paddle and how often you’ll paddle. […]

What to Look for When Buying a SUP

Whether you want a full-body exercise or a leisurely day on the water, knowing what to look for when buying a paddleboard is essential. Finding the right stand-up paddleboard is a great way to get started with the sport. Boards are available in a wide range of sizes, widths, thicknesses, and constructions. Few are made […]

Beginner stand up paddle boarding advice

Don’t be that person, either. Follow our list of 10 beginner stand-up paddle boarder recommendations to avoid the most common first-time paddle boarder blunders. This information may make a difference in your future paddle boarding activities, whether you rent a SUP and paddle or have recently purchased your gear. 1. Make use of a leash […]

While waiting for the waves, there are ten things a surfer can do.

1. Appreciate the Present Moment and Live in It Surfing is one of the most effective natural ways to combat anxiety and despair. Unfortunately, we rarely have time to be present and live in the moment in current times. Consider the situation. Take a look at the sky. Is it gray or blue? Examine the […]

The finest advanced surfing methods and tips

You always want to improve your surfing, whether you’re a free surfer or a competitive surfer. Advanced skills include: Picking the sound wave. Paddling efficiently. Keeping an eye on the aerial ramp. Pumping for speed. Accomplishing a new trick. Intermediate surfers can readily progress to advanced levels, and it’s merely a matter of taking small […]



SURFING HYDRAULICS AND PHYSICS Science and Technology Intertwined: When surfers are patiently waiting for the right wave, they can allow other waves to pass beneath their boards. What are the forces at work here? You’re sitting on your surfboard when you notice a wave approaching from behind you. Your eyes, brain, and body have all […]


Swimming is a scientific discipline.

What exactly is swimming? Although it appears to be a simple question, it is important to be specific. Moving your body through water (a moderately viscous fluid) that is either still (as in a swimming pool) or turbulent (as in the ocean) or somewhere in between is what swimming is all about. If you’re swimming […]


How to Ski on the Water

Starting with skis tied together with nylon rope is the finest water skiing tip for kids. This keeps their legs together and prevents them from executing a split and face-planting as soon as they board the plane. Even adults starting to ski for the first time may feel as if they are being divided from […]

Find the right fit in the swimming pool

Swimming pools are popular for many forms of backyard. There are also above-ground and on-ground options for all yards and owner’s preferences. Summer is halfway through. And everyone knows what that means: seasonal equipment and supplies are on sale. This is the best time to scoop up summer gear you thought you couldn’t afford in […]